Tameran-Printfold-Express What are Your Options for Folding Drawings?

A previous blog post discussed the most important reasons for using automated folders as part of your wide format print process. Increased employee productivity and printer productivity are key motives for adding folders to your wide format printers with the additional objective of providing a clean, neat paper packet that is easy to handle, distribute and store.

So, what are your options for easily and efficiently obtaining folded packets from your CAD or technical drawings and engineering documents?

  • Automated Inline Folders vs. Automated Offline Folders The print-stack-fold process is the optimal method for cost effectively printing low to medium volumes of engineering and architectural drawings or maps. When folding is desired in a lower volume print environment, an offline folder is the best choice. Copies and prints can neatly accumulate on a wide format stacker as they exit the printer or copier allowing engineers, architects and managers to collect their prints and then fold with an automated offline folder as needed. For slightly below $10,000, an offline folder will significantly reduce manual folding costs and consistently produce precise fold packets. Offline folders can also provide an extensive range of fold patterns yet add minimal workspace to the office footprint.
  • However, for high volume print environments where more than 250 wide format prints are folded per day, online folding is more appropriate. In addition to reducing labor expenses and improving the quality of the fold packet, online folders streamline the print process by:
    • allowing unattended printing by multiple users
    • providing the capability to print and fold sets of documents
    • increasing productivity in a production environment

Wouldn’t your time and the time of your associates be better spent on activities that add value to your business? Wouldn’t precise, crisp fold packets leave a positive impression of your organization and help with print distribution?

Tameran Graphic Systems specializes in wide format print finishing solutions. Our Printfold automated folders quickly, accurately and reliably fold large technical documents into neat, crisp packets regardless of original document size allowing large, engineering documents to easily fit into a binder, job pouch, file folder or envelope.  Tameran PrintStack wide format flat sheet stackers provide a solid offload solution for xerographic and ink jet printers.

Need help? Contact Tameran to learn how our wide format folders can improve the productivity of your printer.