Does any of the following sound familiar?

  • aperture cardsMy aperture card reader-printer is broken. How do I view and print aperture cards?
  • Service for my reader-printer is no longer available.
  • Parts are no longer available but we still have thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands and even millions of aperture cards in our files.
  • These aperture cards contain information that is important and does not exist in any other format.  How can we access this information?  How can we make prints?  How can we e-mail the information or make the information available online?

We hear this story over and over again. There are two potential answers to these questions:

  1. Convert all the aperture cards into digital files – or
  2. Scan one aperture card at a time as it is needed

Scanning all of the aperture cards so that they would be instantly available is the dream solution and can be accomplished internally or on an outsourced basis. However, this can be a budget buster if you have a large collection of aperture cards. The cost benefit may be difficult to justify if access is relatively infrequent when compared to the total number of cards.

Nevertheless, there is a solution that is extremely cost effective and very similar to using a reader-printer.

Simply pull the aperture card from the file when it is needed and scan the card using a small, portable, single card scanner. This process is even easier than using a reader-printer since you can adjust the quality of the digital image before you print it or make it available electronically.

Achieve Superior Digital Images and Prints with Single Card Scanners


You can purchase a single aperture card scanner that will provide results that are far superior to any reader-printer you may have used in the past. You will achieve quality prints or files that were never possible from a reader-printer.

Easier to Use

A single card scanner is easier to use than any reader-printer you may have used in the past.

Compact in Size and Environmentally Friendly


How much space did your reader-printer require?  Single card scanners are compact and in some cases no bigger than the telephone on your desktop.

How much noise, heat and pollution did it generate? Single card aperture card scanners are environmentally friendly.

Cost-Effective Scanning

Best of all, single card scanners are economical. Since pricing for single card scanners is less than $8,000, a small fraction of what reader-printers cost, it is a solution that does not bust your budget and is cost effective.

Consider the cost over a seven year life cycle.  For a cost of less than $120 per month, you can have quick access to your aperture cards in a little more than 10 seconds.

You don’t have to wait days for your aperture cards to be sent to an outside service, incur minimum charges, deal with the procurement process, and have no control on the quality of the image or print that is returned. And, you won’t have to incur the high cost of an engineer to re-engineer or redraw the documentation contained on the aperture card. The cost to re-engineer and redraw just one drawing can cost over $1,000.

We can help you manage your project. SmartProject Consulting gives you the best tools to complete any conversion project.