Ohio State won a national title Monday night, and elated Buckeye fans are celebrating the victory in Ohio. From t-shirts to hats, people are loading up on national-championship gear. They’re also commemorating the big win by purchasing national-champion editions of newspapers.

The Columbus Dispatch reports customers clogged the streets of downtown Columbus on Tuesday and shivered in lines in order to buy special newspapers with the headline “Undisputed Champions!” Some people were buying 10, 20 or even 100 copies. Editions were also flying off the shelves of area Giant Eagle and Kroger grocery stores.

Tameran Graphic Systems is also celebrating the Buckeyes’ victory over Oregon. The corporate headquarters is located near Cleveland, just a two-hour drive from Columbus.

Tameran-Newspaper-Preservation-ScanningMark Wise, Tameran President and CEO, picked up his own copy of The Plain Dealer, Cleveland’s newspaper.

“It was a very exciting win for the Buckeyes. I’m going to preserve this piece of history on microfilm so my family can enjoy it for generations.”


In today’s digital age, people might wonder why anyone would want to put a newspaper on microfilm. Paper and digital are forever, right? Wrong.

“A lot of businesses think paper and digital records are the safest ways to store data and information for the long-term,” Wise said. “Newspapers, paper products, CD-ROMs, VHS tapes and even digital files in the cloud decay. Digital information is also susceptible to hackers.”

So what can organizations do to get ultrafast, easy-access and permanently archive documents? Wise suggests a hybrid-approach for managing, accessing and preserving records.

“Digital records are great for quick distribution and everyday access. Microfilm is the most-effective, safe and durable way to store your documents for generations.”


That’s why he’s digitizing his copy of The Plain Dealer and also putting it on microfilm.

“I want a digital version of the newspaper to personally view on my computer, tablet or smartphone. I’m also going to preserve it on microfilm so it’s available for generations to come.”


Tameran Graphic Systems has helped thousands of organizations in more than 25 countries simplify and improve how their technical documents are published, distributed and archived. Their years of experience in document imaging and microfilm including newspaper preservation make them a leading service provider.

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