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  • High Quality Scanning to Digital Archive or to Print
  • Single Card Feed
  • Scan or Print in Under 10 Seconds
  • 138 Megapixel Imaging Capability
  • Bitonal and Greyscale Imaging
  • Easy User Interface
  • Convenient/Portable


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QuickScan ACS Brochure


Make your conversion project a success.

Our ultra-fast, high-resolution scanning technologies give you the power to access and share your technical documents anywhere, anytime-on the go, in the cloud or on the Web. Whether you need to convert one aperture card at a time or thousands, we have the best scanning solutions, services and support to fit your needs.

Get this and learn about the following:

How to get the highest resolution images possible

What makes QuickScan the perfect fit?

How to quickly scan, share and print anywhere

You don’t need a universal scanner or reader printer

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For immediate Technical Support questions, please contact us:

Phone: 866-502-5825

E-mail: support@tameran.com


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