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  • HP certified for Designjet T3500 large format printers
  • Produces crisp, professional fold packets from engineering/technical documents
  • Compact unit, small footprint
  • Technical drawings with color can be folded immediately
  • Operates at 2 E size drawings/minute(65″/minute)
  • Reliable, quiet operation


Media Weights

HP paper 2"-3" core or equal


227 lbs.


Height: 23"

Width: 45"

Depth: 30"

Power Requirement

115-230Vac 60/50 Hz 230W



Foldable Sizes

Minimum Width: 11” Maximum Width: 36”

Min. Length: 23" Max. Length: 157"

Maximum Cross Fold Panels

6 fan folded panels

Folded Print Volume

Keeps up with the speed of the printer

Folded Output Capacity

Catch tray

Environmental Footprint

Quiet operation; noise level of 62dBA allows for pleasant office environment

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Gera Ladybird III Folder Brochure


Increase printer productivity and streamline your wide format printing and finishing process.

Gera Ladybird III’s ultra-fast, innovative folding technologies give you the power to maximize printer output, save on labor, and easily handle and distribute your wide format prints.

Get this brochure and learn:
How to make your HP printer more efficient

The cost benefit of automated folding 

Ladybird III’s fold pattern options

The benefits of going green with the Ladybird III

Gera Ladybird III Product Brochure

SmartWarranty extended coverage plan

Tameran SmartWarranty is an extended protection plan for software and hardware solutions. Keep your product running smoothly and protect it from expensive time and material repairs. By continuing the protection you had during the original warranty period, you will receive expert service and support straight from us.

 One-stop support directly from Tameran

 Tameran hardware coverage

 Software support and updates

 Convenient phone and e-mail support

 Repair of any equipment failures

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SmartAssist training and support

Tameran SmartAssist is additional training and product support you can purchase for Tameran software and hardware solutions. This includes onsite or Web-based training and product support for your specific application.

Whether additional training is needed right after installation, when personnel changes are made or when you have a snag in operations, our experts are ready to assist with your software and equipment needs.

 Onsite or Web-based training and product support

 One stop assistance from Tameran experts

 Wide range of offerings for businesses of any size

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Q: What information do I need prior to calling Tameran Customer Support?

A: Please have the following information available when contacting Tameran Customer Support with a service question or request:

  • Equipment type (brand, model)
  • Equipment serial number
  • Software name and version
  • Physical address of the equipment
  • Detailed description of any errors or what the operator was doing when the error occurred
  • Contact information

Q: Where can I find the serial number for my equipment?

A: It varies per product:

  • For aperture card scanners – serial number can be found on the rear of the machine
  • For wide format paper folders – serial number can be found under the bridge on the right side of the machine
  • For wide format paper stackers – serial number can be found on the front of the transport assembly

Q: Does my software have a serial number? If so, where can I find it?

A: Only the ImagePrep Series has a serial number. It can be found on the dongle key fob.

Q: How do I know if I have a maintenance agreement with Tameran?

A: Contact Tameran at either 866-502-5825, or email us at

Q: My QuickScan or C-Series Aperture Card Scanner will not power on.

A: The QuickScan or C-Series scanners power on only after you have started the QuickScan or C-Series software.

For any other questions that were not answered on this page, please contact Tameran Customer Support at 866-502-5825.

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