Sometimes the Best Partner is a Silent Partner. Let Us Be a Secret to Your Success.

Become a Microfilm Archive Partner with Tameran.

Combine your strengths with ours. We want to be your trusted, silent partner. You maintain your customers; we do the work. It’s that simple.


Join Mark Wise, Tameran Graphic Systems President and CEO, for a FREE One-on-One Webinar.

What will a Tameran Microfilm Partnership do you for you?

Turn your existing customers into your next leads
Increase revenue without increasing overhead
Provide more services to your customers while keeping control of the process
Easily integrate microfilm into your current workflow
Offer different solutions than your competitors
Protect your customers’ documents with the most durable preservation media
Enable you to use our FREE Microfilm Roll Composer software

What will it do for your customers?

Provide an economical way to archive records and comply with laws
Improve the security of their documents
Eliminate worries about data loss, migration issues and natural disasters
Preserve and secure records on media that will last more than 500 years
Get true, readable images at the proper resolution for large documents on 35mm microfilm (engineering drawings, maps, plans, newspapers)


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