Printfold 2500G

Bring out the best in your printer with ultrafast, high-capacity folding.

Printfold 2500G is the fastest, most flexible wide format paper folder available. It seamlessly integrates with most xerographic and LED printers, and it’s packed with innovative features that help you maximize printer output and speed up the pace at which you do business.

Add a Printfold 2500 to boost efficiency.

Printfold 2500 is great addition to these Ricoh and OKI Copiers and Printers:

  • Ricoh MP W6700SP
  • Ricoh MP W7100
  • Ricoh MP W8140
  • OKI LP-2050 MF
  • OKI LP-2050
Ricoh 7 OKI Copiers 3

Also works with Xerox, Oce and Kip Copiers and Printers

Why fold? Learn how Printfold 2500G can improve the productivity of your printer and efficiently organize your prints.

Watch the Printfold 2500G demo video.

Maximize printer output.

Printfold 2500G automated online wide format folder is compatible with any wide format LED or xerographic printer allowing for unattended printing and increased productivity. It also will keep pace with your xerographic/LED printer. From 4 to 22 D-size prints per minute, your prints will be folded at the same speed they are printed.

Get more productivity, less waste in your wide format print process.

Hand folding documents isn’t the answer for organizations looking to save money. Printfold 2500G can save you more than 1,600 hours of time and labor costs associated with hand folding prints.



Easily handle your prints.

Wide format printers and copiers generate various sizes of documents that can be difficult to handle in daily use. Printfold 2500G quickly, accurately and consistently folds to whatever specifications you require. Whether your documents are folded to fit in a binder, job pouch, file folder or mailed in an envelope, the result is a neat, crisp packet regardless of original document size.

Save time and reduce labor costs.

What would you do with more than 1,600 hours of labor saved this year? That’s about forty weeks of work. Automated folding reduces labor costs associated with hand folding wide format technical documents. In current office settings where everyone is responsible for their own print output, engineers and architects will save a whole lot of time and be more productive.


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  • Reduces printer operating costs
  • Precise, automated wide format document folding to USA standard preferences
  • Integrates with most xerographic and LED printers
  • Operates at full print engine speed
  • Flat sheet stacking capability
  • Fan folding capability
  • Automatic turning of A-C size prints
  • Offload conveyors for 50-120 D-size folded prints

Media Weights

20 lb to 22 lb bond (67.5 to 82.5 gsm)


Net: 450 lb. (205 kg)

Shipping: 650 lb. (295 kg)


Length-base unit 52” (1321 mm)

Length-with flat sheet

Tray: 92” (2337 mm)

Width: 63” (1600 mm)

Height: 44” (1120 mm)

Power Requirement

115 Vac ± 10%, 60 Hz (USA/Canada Dedicated circuit is recommended) 



Foldable Sizes

Min. width: 81⁄2"

Max. width: 36"

Min. length: 17"

Max. length: 30' (See Below) (Metric sizes also available)

Maximum Fan Fold Length

14' or 14 fan folded panels x selected fan fold width

Extended length option: 30' or 30 panels

Maximum Cross Fold Panels

14 fan folded panels

Folded Print Volume

Keeps up with printer output

Folded Output Capacity

Capacity to hold 50 D-size copies; optional 120 D-size folded print capacity

Environmental Footprint

The Printfold 2500G is an environmentally friendly solution manufactured from reprocessed parts.

Traditional Engineering Drawing Fold Patterns


Popular Fold Patterns


Fan Fold Programs


Cross Fold Programs


Styles of Folds


Free Download: 
Printfold 2500G Brochure


Your current document distribution system could be costing you lots of money in labor and time.

Our ultra-fast, innovative folding technologies give you the power to maximize printer output, save lots on labor and easily handle and distribute your wide format prints. From 11″ x 17″ to 36″ x 48″ documents, we have the best automated folding solutions and support to fit your needs.

Get this brochure and learn:

Strategies for easy, efficient document distribution

Tips to streamline your entire printing workflow

How much you can save in printing labor a year

How to maximize printer output

About a variety of available fold pattern options


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